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COVID-19 📌

Patient Care Protocol

1.      Patients can now check in at the front desk and are no longer required to wear masks.  If you are uncomfortable with this, we would be happy to check you in from the parking lot.  Our waiting room is disinfected regularly.

2.      We will ask screening questions, review address, phone and patient portions.

3.      We will ask you to wash your hands in the treatment room for 20 seconds.  If you are unable to stand at the sink, we will provide you with hand sanitizer.

4.      Staff will wash their hands in front of the you.

5.      Staff will don gloves and proceed with diagnostic procedures and treatment if needed.

6.      Patients will exit the treatment room and sit at the check-out area, which has been cleaned multiple times throughout the day.  The plexiglass barriers have been removed as current research does not support their use.  If the check-out area is occupied we will ask you to wait in the treatment room or waiting room until it is available. 

7.      Staff will close the treatment room and allow the HEPA filtration unit to run uninterrupted for a minimum of 15 minutes.  This is the current CDC recommendation (as of June 3, 2020).

10.      Staff will clean and re-set the treatment room using standard protocols.  Our infection control policies have always been to the highest standards including plastic barriers and hospital grade disinfectants used according to manufacturer’s instructions.

11.    Our waiting room has returned to it's normal look.  We believe each patient is well aware of cleanliness and social distancing standards and are allowed to make decisions based on that knowledge.  If you want a cup of coffee from the Keurig station, enjoy!  If your child wants to play with our toys, or read a book, that is your decision.

12.   Vaccinations are required by Executive Order and our office is complying with that Order.

13.    The final piece to our infection control "puzzle" is to disinfect the air in the entire building.  We have had UV-C germicidal lights installed inside our HVAC units on the roof.  Any viral particles which escape HEPA filtration are very small and will be sucked into the ventilation and destroyed by these lights.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding our disinfection and sterilization policies and look forward to making every visit to our office safe, comfortable, and effective.



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