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Dr. Aldrich

Dr. Michelle Aldrich, DMD, BSDH, D.ABDSM

General Dentist

Michelle Aldrich and Kimberly Ross started practicing as dental hygienists in the Salem area in 1992. After raising their children (four boys in all), they decided to challenge themselves and pursue their dream of becoming dentists. But, once a dental hygienist, always a dental hygienist! Why is this significant? Dental hygienists specialize in disease prevention, not cutting away tooth structure. If a cavity has the possibility to be reversed, then it should be tried before cutting away that precious tooth structure! 

More to the story…

Dr. Aldrich moved to the Willamette Valley in 1980 from Union, Oregon. The plan was to get a degree in Music Education, move back to Eastern Oregon, and teach band. She married her high school sweetheart and moved into a small trailer park next to the college campus in Monmouth. It was there they met Dr. Ross and her husband.  An immediate friendship was struck between the two young couples.

Several years later the two friends decided to go to dental hygiene school. They attended OHSU School of Dentistry and received their Bachelor of Science degrees in Dental Hygiene (BSDH). It was during their education at the dental school they first had an inkling they may want to eventually go on to become dentists. But as many dreams go, family priorities come first.

Over a decade later, Dr. Ross called Dr. Aldrich with information on going back to dental school. A few prerequisite courses and an entrance exam later, the two were off to dental school; Dr. Ross to Indiana University School of Dentistry and Dr. Aldrich to OHSU School of Dentistry. Sadly, after just ten short years in practice, Dr. Ross lost her battle with cancer.  Dr. Aldrich continues to own and operate the practice and provide the type of dental care the two of them had always envisioned.

Dr. Aldrich has two grown boys, two daughter-in laws and one grandson and a giant furry dog. She loves to camp, scuba dive, and shoot black powder guns with her husband.  Her newest hobby is playing the dulcimer.

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