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Dr. Dick

Wallace Dick , DDS

General Dentist

Dr. Wallace Dick started practicing dentistry in Sweet Home after graduating from Loma Linda University in 1994.   He met and married his wife Brenda in 1996 and relocated his practice to Keizer in 1998.  When Dr. Ross became ill in 2019, Dr. Dick came in to help Riverbend Dental in their time of need.  Part-time became full-time and many of his patients have joined him at Riverbend Dental.  He has known Dr. Aldrich for many years, dating back to his practice in Keizer when Dr. Aldrich was a dental hygienist in his employ.

Dr. Wallace grew up on a grain farm, two hours east of where the Alaska Highway originates on its way north.  After high school, he farmed with his dad, ran road grader for the county maintaining about 130 miles of gravel roads.  In the 7 years between high school and his return to college, he worked for a meat delivery company driving vehicles from small vans to big rigs, and an oil well stimulation company servicing wells as deep as 12,000 feet.   He also worked at an airport doing year-round maintenance such as snow removal, runway cleaning, hangar and equipment repair, steam fitting, and generalized grounds upkeep.  Through all of it, he twice experienced 60 degrees below zero while working outside, and now heartily endorses the Oregon climate!  College and then dental school in California followed.

Dr. Wallace has a grown son, a daughter, and one granddaughter.  He likes to golf, camp, bicycle, explore new states on road trips, build models, enjoys modern science and chemistry, coast excursions, and flying in any airplane or sailplane.  Regarding dentistry, he instinctively seeks out common areas with his patients and has a genuine and very real compassion for gentle treatment and precise results.   His attitude is to inform his patients of his findings as he works so that they are part of the process and feel connected, and perhaps share a smile and some humor on the way.


1285 Wallace Road NW|Salem, OR 97304|MAP & Directions

Call: (503)391-9016